Zorica is the name of the star that the game is set around. It’s also why the solar system of the game is called the Zorica System. Four planets (Morena, Veles, Jarillo and Perun) orbit this sun and all are designed to have the appropriate conditions depending on their position. There is also an asteriod belt that wraps right around as well. All of these can be seen from the scanners in the ship.

Flying the ship too close to the sun will result in it dropping out of faster than light speeds if going such speed, just like flying it into a planet, and start to take damage. Upon getting too close, the ship will start to beep an alarm and a warning saying about radiation will appear. It is best at this point to try and leave the area as quickly as you can.

Zorica seems to have some sort of an atmosphere, although the way it works is different to that of the planets in the game. When you are too close and taking damage from radiation, you can still go all four speeds in the ship, however enabling the Limnal drive pointed away from the sun will not actually start flying the ship away at this speed. It will violently try and point itself back towards the sun while only going the same speed as at cruise gear. Therefore, it is best to just use the cruise speed to try and escape the area surrounding the star.

The sun automatically becomes a discovered object both in the game and on the ships scanners without having to do anything. It will appear on the scanners and is the point located in the middle of the screen.