The player starts the game on foot, but their ship is nearby on the starting asteroid.

The player's ship on the starting asteroid

It is fully customizable, both on the inside and the outside.

The inside of the ship can be edited by accessing the Airlock Computer at the entrance to the ship. From the editor, the walls, floors, and doors can be completely restructured within the limits of the ship's shape, and the entities contained within the rooms can be created, destroyed, and rearranged.

The outside of the ship can be customized through the use of the free, open-source, cross
Ship Layout

The player's ship: interior layout

-platform program Blender, see nexus mods ship category.

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  • Headlights for more visibility in dark areas, press G to toggle.

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  • Fire has a small probability to be set in your ship from damage, and will do damage to your ship, spreading all the while.

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